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man in hard hat cutting pipe

Investing in our employees, equipment & the safety of both.

The company will conduct its business responsibly and, in a manner, designed to protect the health and safety of our employees and to the public, to protect the environment and to preserve the security of the facility and the operation of our customers.

Our company safety requirements


We maintain our facilities and conduct operations in a manner that provides sustainable, safe, and secure transportation for customers and to protect the environment and our employees.


We make safety, health, environmental and security considerations a value in planning and operations.

Communication Training

Safety hazards and security risks are reported promptly to officials, employees, and customers. Protective measures and training related to work responsibilities are provided.

Continuous Improvement

We conduct regular examination of operations to continuously improve programs, work processes, and performance related to safety, health, and the environment.

Safety first

Our employees engage in daily work hazard assessments and all levels within our organization adopt and promote compliance.

Men in hard hats cutting a pipe

Key elements of our program

  • NCMS compliant drug and alcohol testing program
  • Monthly CAPS safety meetings
  • Monthly Management safety round table meetings
  • PEC Safe Supervisor training for all field supervisors
  • Real time gps monitoring of vehicles and equipment
  • TRRC/DOT Operator Qualification program via Veriforce and OQSG PEC Safeland training

HEATRO is one of 200 companies to receive the Platinum Safety Award in 2019 out of 72,000 for the dedication to our employee’s health and safety.

Our affiliations